Sunday, February 20, 2011



"Jesse Taylor Smith (who also filmed Grayson Gilmour at the Civic Theatre recently) directed the beautiful film-like epic for ‘Toby’, that features a tumultuous breakup between a boy and a girl. The hazy ambient glow, awkward acting – contrasted with the girl’s heartfelt aggression – and attention to detail in makeup and styling makes the video a memorable and sophisticated mini-film." EINSTEIN MUSIC JOURNAL

Dir. Assistant | Jenna Eriksen
Thanks | Edouard Chalaron
Thanks | Gareth Brownlie

Copyright © 2011 Jesse Taylor Smith

[on the left] Emir! who ever you are? thanks for your video-inspired-gig-poster. Crazy cool.
[on the right] Caitlin Lomas looking super-fashion-blog. Danke for a stunning almost frightening performance. Credit to Arkitype Presents for the photo.

ALSO! Autumn Splendour. Fun people // Fun music.
They have an EP out. Support independent music and go buy it.