Saturday, August 18, 2012



Oh Snap! To coincide with Grayson Gilmour's recent tour of Japan an excerpt from my music video Loose Change was recovered, revived, resized and recut for a monstrous screen at the Shibya scramble crossing in Tokyo. I am yet to find a trustworthy figure of how many human beings use the crossing a day, but estimations vary between half a million and 2.5 million people. So, lets just say ... 'heaps and heaps'. The clip played for 10 days over July. Totally bananas huh?! 

You can watch the full original clip HERE to jog your memory machine. 

Thank you Brigid Connor and Yuya at Profound TV for helping turn the little clip into a humongous clip.
In related news, I have a new music video for Grayson Gilmour in production at the moment. Bigger and brighter. More news on this to come.