Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Almost a year in the making. 5625 frame painstakingly hand colourised! The new video Grayson Gilmour 'Minus Times Infinity' has premiered as an official selection at the BBC Music Video Festival. Click here for the full write up. Argh! I have always wanted to dismember Grayson Gilmour but I had no idea it was going to be such a long process. Firstly, 1x giant animatronic dragon needed to be constructed. Creative director and cinematographer Jenna Eriksen and I had some solid ideas of what we wanted. The dragon had to be kitch and homemade but with character and personality. It needed to be big enough to devour Grayson and small enough to be driven for hours to the location. We wanted it to move in a robotic way but we were worried about it seeming too stagnant or lifeless. 

Borris (as we lovingly named him) was born out of hinges and ropes, tubing, wood, foam, bathroom sealer, fabric, wire and mesh. His eyes and brains were made from a deconstructed remote control car and were operated off camera. His neck, jaws, tounge and legs were controlled by pulleys and operated by two puppetters inside the body. During production Borris suffered terribly. He was shoved in and out of a van. His jaws briefly caught fire. He was sent down a river and finally he was cut completely in half.

I am really amazed at how far we manage to push our bodies and brains and budgets during the production phase. But with this clip I am even more amazed how far we managed to push our patience during post production. Every single frame that make up Minus Times Infinity was hand colourised after the principle edit was assembled. I have always been fascinated by frame by frame colourisation in early 20th century films. But I have always regarded the technique as too difficult and time consuming for music videos. However, after talking with Grayson and after a lot of convincing by Jenna it started to all make sense. The style and narrative suited the frame by frame colourisation perfectly. So the decision was made to hand paint every single leaf and drop of water of a four minute clip at 25 frames a second. When the video was finally reassembled frame by frame Borris suddenly looked more alive. The colorisation seemed to bring the forrest to life and the most inanimate rock burst into focus. The clip was now set in its own unique world ... and with that some kind of boyish-dragon-fantasy of mine was fulfilled. It is really wonderful to finally share Minus Times Infinity with everyone.


"Filmed in a remote Australian forest, it sees the Wellington musician facing off against a giant animatronic dragon (lovingly named Boris). Shot on a 16mm Soviet-era camera, with each frame coloured by hand, the film exists in its' own unique world, giving the song a whole new perspective." NZMUSIC.ORG.NZ

Art Director | Jenna Eriksen
Thanks | Shayli Harrison
Thanks | Sam Mapplebeck

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Here is a first look at Grayson Gilmour's -x∞ (Minus Times Infinity). 5625 frames were painstakingly hand colourised for the video. Production has taken almost a year. Total madness huh? My excitement to share the clip is only exceeded by my absolute terror. The full version is out very soon but in the meantime I hope you enjoy this small taste of what's to come! 

Copyright © 2013 Jesse Taylor Smith