Tuesday, November 25, 2014



We interrupt your regular programming to bring you 
Midnight Mass (At the Market Street Payphone). My latest video is for Perth band Pond. Clocking in at 6 and a half minutes it by far the longest music clip I have ever made. From the very start we set out to make a video that framed all of Hobo Rocket (the bands fifth studio album)When I started developing the concept I figured I should try translate some of the themes weaved throughout the recordIt was clear Nick Allbrook (Pond front man) didn't want a traditional promo clip and I surely didn't want to make him one.

During production we instructed the cast to come in character to a space launch, not a video shoot. While performers whimpered and howled in between shots the crew wrestled the 1985 VHS video camera into position. We originally considered shooting Midnight Mass on 16mm film but I must admit I'm glad we decided against it. Being able to capture the footage directly onto a laptop meant I was less stressed and more able to fully focus on directing the actors. Also, it goes without saying the VHS footage is beautiful (in an ugly kind of way). 

During post production the video came together very quickly. The clips hopeful introduction and rapid transformation to dread closely followed the emotional and tonal shift of the song. There was some concern during the edit that people might be turned off by the rapid emotional shift. After testing it with friends and family we decided to stay true to the original concept. The video is as funny and sad, powerful and provocative ... but most of all its just kinda silly. I had a blast making Midnight Mass and I hope you enjoy watching it.


"Following a melodramatic reconstruction of a news broadcast from the 1980s, the Midnight Mass video keeps things as authentic as possible with the decision to shoot the original footage on a 1985 VHS tube video camera" TONEDEAF.COM.AU

Co. Director | Jenna Eriksen
Producer | Sam Mapplebeck
Thanks | Nick Allbrook

Copyright © 2013 Jesse Taylor Smith