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Hello, I'm Jesse Taylor Smith

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Music Video

Behold the Ghost [Short Film]

All artist proceeds go toward InsideOut, an organisation committed to giving rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities.


LazyEyes-_-StartingOver (1).jpg

The Lazy Eyes - Starting Over [Music Video]

3Pond _ Man It Feels Like Space Again000 (1).jpg

Pond - Man it Feels Like [Music Video]

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1Pond _ Daisy0 (1).jpg

Pond - Daisy [Music Video]

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The Lazy Eyes - Where's My Brain [Music Video]

4Grayson Gilmour _ Silence & Youth0.jpg

Grayson Gilmour - S & Y [Music Video]


ACMI Games [Promo]

2Grayson Gilmour _ 来日ソロライブ0 (1).jpg

Grayson Gilmour Tour [Promo]

Web Content
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Welcome Back to Our Museums [Web Content]


Trying Experimental 1960/70's Recipes [Web Content]

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I am an award winning content creator working out of Melbourne.
My videos have reached millions of people and screened at festivals worldwide. I am always inspired by the subject and always exploring the depths of a rather wild imagination. Please contact me if you want further examples of work, if you want to talk about a project... or even if you are a bit lonely and just want to chat. Clients include:


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Got it, talk soon x

Or email me direct:

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